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Experience One-on-One Care with Our DPTs for Unparalleled Shoulder Pain Relief

Are simple everyday tasks becoming unbearable due to excruciating shoulder pain? Do you long to sleep peacefully on your side without waking up in agony? Whether it’s a recent injury or a chronic condition, shoulder pain can be a major hindrance. But fret not, as physical therapy offers a natural and highly effective solution. Unlike the vast majority of other physical therapy clinics, we take pride in providing one-on-one care with our Doctorates of Physical Therapy (DPTs). Our mission is not just to alleviate your pain temporarily but to address the root cause and help you achieve a level of well-being beyond your previous state.

Understanding Shoulder Pain and Its Impact

The shoulder joint, with its incredible range of motion, is susceptible to discomfort. It consists of the ball-and-socket joint, where the upper arm bone fits snugly into the shoulder blade. Cartilage prevents bone-on-bone friction, while bursae act as protective sacs, preventing painful tendon rubbing. However, when the delicate balance among these structures is disrupted, pain inevitably arises.

Shoulder pain manifests in various forms, depending on its underlying cause. Tendon impingement, for instance, may cause pain during arm raising, which subsides before full extension. A degenerated shoulder joint can result in persistent aching with any movement, while an acute injury can immobilize the shoulder with intense, sharp pain.

Identifying the Causes of Shoulder Pain

The complexity of the shoulder joint leaves room for numerous conditions that can trigger pain. Common causes, as highlighted by WebMD, include:

  1. Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, often age-related, occurs when cartilage in the shoulder joint wears out. Rheumatoid arthritis leads to pain as the immune system attacks the joint’s surrounding membranes.
  2. Tendonitis: Overuse of the shoulder joint, often associated with occupational demands or sports, can cause ongoing inflammation of the tendons. This swelling can lead to painful impingement during arm movement.
  3. Bursitis: Friction from neighboring tendons can inflame the bursae, causing discomfort during overhead motions.
  4. Dislocation: When the upper arm bone pops out of its place, the shoulder is dislocated, resulting in severe pain. Subsequent occurrences become more likely after the initial dislocation.
  5. Frozen Shoulder: Medically known as adhesive capsulitis, a frozen shoulder occurs when tissues stiffen due to prolonged immobilization, such as being in a cast or sling or experiencing prolonged bed rest.

How Physical Therapy in Columbia Can Help

You don’t have to rely solely on painkillers or contemplate surgery to combat shoulder pain. Physical therapy offers a safe, non-invasive approach to treating many underlying conditions. Our dedicated physical therapists employ various diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. X-rays can reveal signs of arthritis or dislocation, while range-of-motion tests and symptom discussions provide insights into the involved soft tissues.

Once we identify the source of your shoulder pain, our experts will recommend a tailored combination of physical therapy methods to manage and potentially eliminate your discomfort entirely. Exercises play a pivotal role in alleviating both osteoarthritis pain and frozen shoulder stiffness. Bursitis responds well to techniques ranging from heat and ice applications to adjustments in workplace ergonomics or athletic training routines. Strengthening exercises can rehabilitate injured muscles and provide stability to a shoulder prone to dislocation.

Discover Lasting Relief from Shoulder Pain in Columbia

Our journey to address your shoulder pain begins with a thorough evaluation by our experienced physical therapists. We’ll inquire about the cause, severity, aggravating factors, and anything that brings relief. Testing your shoulder’s range of motion and strength will provide valuable insights.

Based on the underlying cause, our physical therapists will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance your range of motion and initiate the healing process. Pain management strategies, such as identifying and avoiding painful motions or activities, will be implemented. Your treatment may include manual therapy, like soft tissue massage, along with range-of-motion exercises to improve shoulder muscle and ligament function. Depending on your diagnosis, strengthening exercises may be incorporated into your personalized plan. It’s crucial to follow your physical therapist’s guidance to ensure proper healing.

If you’re enduring shoulder pain due to an injury, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists. We are dedicated to expediting your healing journey and restoring your well-being as swiftly as possible!

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Becky Kerr

I received excellent care from Patrick Casey.  At my request, he used dry needling and other therapies to relieve the pain in my neck, shoulder, and upper arm.  He always explained what he was doing and why and also gave me exercises to do at home. 


Such a great physical therapy office! I recently received treatment for my forearm from Brandon Young here at Ascent PT. He did a comprehensive evaluation of my injury and developed an in-depth, individualized treatment plan for me. He was excellent at the dry needling and E Stim, and all of the exercises he assigned me helped strengthen the relevant areas. I loved having a one-on-one, hour-long appointment every time I came in! Amazing friendly staff too that greet you when you walk in the door too! Best PT office in Columbia, SC. Will be coming here every time I need PT.


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