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At Ascent, we are dedicated to supporting baseball players of all ages return to the field stronger than before. Our one-on-one approach to physical therapy, carried out exclusively by highly qualified Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPTs), distinguishes us from the majority of other physical therapy clinics. We pride ourselves in comprehending the distinct physical challenges baseball presents and are committed to offering the expertise required to not only recover from injuries but also boost your performance on the field.

Baseball Rehab Programs Offered in Columbia

Baseball Rehab

Our baseball rehab program is tailor-made to assist athletes in recovering from baseball-associated injuries, such as shoulder discomfort or elbow problems. Our team of skilled DPTs provide one-on-one sessions, utilizing a blend of manual therapy, exercise, and other techniques to help you regain your strength and motion range, allowing you to play at your peak again.

Little Leaguer’s Elbow Rehab

The Little Leaguer’s elbow, a frequent injury in young baseball players, can be both painful and debilitating. Our unique program, designed for young athletes, is aimed at treating this injury and preventing its recurrence. Our qualified DPTs use various one-on-one techniques to ease the pain, enhance range of motion, and fortify the impacted muscles.

Return to Throwing Program

If you’ve been prevented from playing due to shoulder or elbow injury, our “Return to Throwing Program” is designed to help you resume the game safely and effectively. Our DPTs develop a custom plan for you, factoring in your unique injury, aspirations, and current fitness level. Our program includes a systematic progression of throwing drills and exercises aimed at restoring your strength and motion range.

Pitching Rehab

Pitching, one of baseball’s most demanding aspects, exerts considerable strain on the shoulder and elbow. Our Pitching Rehab program assists pitchers dealing with injuries by identifying and addressing the root cause of their pain, creating a plan to regain their strength and mobility. We offer a mix of manual therapy, exercise, and other methods to help you return to your best pitching form.

Types of Treatments Used for Baseball Rehab

Physical therapy plays an indispensable role in recovering from baseball-related injuries. We employ a variety of physical therapy techniques designed to help athletes regain their form and improve performance. Here are some of the most common types:

Manual Therapy

Our DPTs use hands-on techniques like massage, stretching, and joint mobilization to reduce pain, enhance range of motion, and stimulate healing.

Therapeutic Exercise

Involves exercises customized to help athletes regain strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Neuromuscular Re-education

Focuses on retraining the body to move correctly post-injury, improving balance, coordination, and proprioception.


We utilize tools such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and heat or cold therapy to alleviate pain, inflammation, and promote healing.

Functional Training

This technique focuses on preparing the body to perform specific movements required for baseball, improving performance, and reducing re-injury risk.

Start Your Recovery from Baseball Injuries in Columbia

At our clinic, we understand the importance of baseball to our patients. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care so that you can get back to playing the game you love. Contact us today to learn more about our baseball rehab and training programs, and take the first step toward getting back on the field.

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Rob Turner

Today I went out and hit tennis balls for about an hour and a half for the first time since I had to quit due to osteoarthritis.   Dr. Jackson Probst at Ascent and the rest of their kind and helpful staff have kept me on the path to recovery over the past six months — I can’t say enough about their ability to identify what I need to do and to motivate my rehabilitation after my total shoulder replacement. Six stars.  I have been to several other rehab clinics over the years, for one reason or another, and I think they were all good, and all honestly wanted me to get better, but these guys are the best I have had the pleasure to work with. 

KT Altman

I have been working with the terrific team at Ascent for over a year, primarily Jim, Casey, and Manya. The staff are very professional and have a specific client focus concerning individual needs. I am enjoying my time working on balance and strength issues.


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