Cupping In Columbia

What is Cupping?

Cupping, while not a novel therapy, has been thrust into the spotlight recently thanks to notable athletes showcasing the distinctive large red marks it leaves on their skin during competitions. At our clinic, we primarily use cupping to enhance tissue flexibility and accelerate healing by boosting blood flow to the target area.

While cupping isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience, the pressure can be modified to make it tolerable for the majority of our patients who benefit from this effective procedure.

We opt for a variable pressure pump instead of traditional glass cups and flames, permitting us to customize your treatment according to your comfort level.

Our expert therapists, all of whom hold Doctorates in Physical Therapy (DPT), are proficient at leveraging this therapy to provide enduring relief from persistent pains and injuries – a level of personal care that sets us apart from many other physical therapy clinics.

Cupping, a practice hailing from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dating back more than 2,000 years, involves creating suction on the skin using cups. The cups are traditionally made of bamboo, glass, or earthenware.

It is believed that the suction effect boosts blood circulation and aids healing, though the precise workings of cupping on the body remain a mystery. However, a peer-reviewed study has concluded that cupping could be effective for short-term treatment of chronic neck and low-back pain.

Performed by our trained professionals, cupping is generally safe for healthy individuals, though side effects like bruising and soreness may occur.

The Benefits of Cupping in Columbia

Cupping can be considered a “tissue distraction” technique. It involves moving the cups over the body, lifting and separating tissues, and is thus beneficial for relaxing muscles, releasing trigger points, increasing lymphatic flow, and reducing scar tissue adhesion. Notably, cupping has demonstrated effectiveness in treating conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic neck pain, and low back pain.

Our expert DPTs utilize three types of cupping techniques – cross-fiber, circular, and longitudinal, the latter being the most popular. Circular cupping is used in the final session to ensure all areas are treated.

Cupping is widely popular among athletes. For instance, after a three-minute cupping session, a patient who had endured iliotibial bands (ITB) pain for over a year experienced immediate relief. After a follow-up session the next week, the patient was pain-free and able to resume their regular running routine – just one example of how our unique, personalized approach not only tackles the problem at its root, but also works towards restoring patients to a better condition than before.

What Can You Expect from a Cupping Treatment in Columbia?

Though cupping might seem intricate, our DPTs guide you through every step. Traditional cupping involves heating a cup and placing it upside down on your skin, creating a vacuum as it cools that lifts the skin and expands blood vessels.

However, modern practices have evolved to use rubber pumps for creating a vacuum and silicone cups for a massage-like effect.

Cupping offers multiple benefits such as enhancing skin health, reducing inflammation, and aiding breathing. Moreover, it can expedite recovery from certain injuries or ailments.

See how cupping could benefit you in Columbia!

Cupping could be an effective alternative treatment for you. Sharing your complete health history with our therapists enables them to assess the potential benefits and side effects of cupping for your specific case.

Our team of specialists is here to help if an injury or health issue is hindering your lifestyle. We’ll arrange a consultation with one of our licensed DPTs to determine if cupping is the right choice for you. Our one-on-one approach ensures you receive the personal attention necessary to address your unique needs, providing care beyond what most physical therapy clinics offer.

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This place is phenomenal!! My therapist Meredith is absolutely amazing. She’s always excited about seeing progress at each session and ensuring my goals are being met. I can’t recommend this place and these therapists enough! 100% go here if you need physical therapy!! 

Meghan Davidson

Ascent is the most well rounded and patient centered physical therapy clinic in Columbia. Their docs are knowledgeable and spend a full hour with you at each visit, making sure they customize your plan of care to meet your goals. They will not hand you off to an aide or a tech and will offer pertinent education so that you learn the why behind your symptoms and how to keep them from coming back. In a healthcare system where clinicians rarely spend more than a few minutes listening to you, the clinical staff at Ascent will hear your story and lead you down the path to recovery. I often recommend this clinic to my patients and hear nothing but positive remarks. 


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