Back Pain & Sciatica in Columbia

Are you tired of waking up with nagging back pain?

Do you constantly feel achy in your back, buttock, or even thigh? Are you living in fear of hurting your back and limiting your activities? If you can relate to these problems, we have the solution you need: physical therapy.

Personalized one-on-one care with DPTs

At our clinic, we believe in providing personalized care that sets us apart from the rest. Our team of highly skilled physical therapists is dedicated to your well-being, ensuring that each session is conducted one-on-one with a therapist who holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). Unlike the vast majority of other physical therapy clinics, we prioritize your individual needs and focus on solving the root cause of your pain.

Aim for a better, pain-free life

We don’t settle for just relieving your symptoms; our goal is to surpass your previous condition and help you achieve an even better state of health. Say goodbye to relying on medications that only mask the pain. Your body is signaling a deeper issue that requires proper attention and treatment. Choose physical therapy as your first line of defense, avoiding the need for harmful painkillers like opioids or invasive surgeries.

Comprehensive treatment for back pain and sciatica

So, how will physical therapy in Columbia address your back pain or sciatica? Let us guide you through a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific diagnosis. Initially, we prioritize quick pain relief, employing targeted techniques to alleviate discomfort. As your pain subsides, we shift our focus to strengthening your core muscles through therapeutic exercises and stretches. This approach enhances your strength and range of motion, significantly reducing the risk of future spinal injuries. Furthermore, we educate you on proper ergonomics and spine care, equipping you with the knowledge to prevent recurring issues.

Specialized care for sciatica

If you’re suffering from sciatica, our physical therapists incorporate specialized leg stretches into your treatment plan, effectively loosening the sciatic nerve. By restoring the nerve’s natural health, we swiftly alleviate your symptoms and help you regain your mobility.

Understanding back pain vs. sciatica

Confused about whether it’s back pain or sciatica? Let us clarify. Sciatica refers to a highly uncomfortable condition where pain radiates along the sciatic nerve—the largest nerve in your body. Starting from your lower back, the pain extends through your buttocks, legs, and down to each foot. On the other hand, back pain is a broader term encompassing various causes, such as poor posture, motor vehicle accidents, or lifting injuries. Our treatment approach takes into account the specific cause, location, and your medical history to ensure optimal outcomes.

Identifying the causes of your pain

What triggers your back pain or sciatica? Generally, back pain stems from injuries resulting from repetitive straining motions or sudden traumas. Underlying conditions like herniated discs or degenerative disc disease can also contribute to the discomfort. Sciatica, technically known as “lumbar radiculopathy,” typically affects individuals aged 30 to 50. It can be caused by conditions like arthritis, bone spurs, or injuries impacting the sciatic nerve. Often, we find that reduced flexibility in the hips and pelvis leads to tightened gluteus and hip muscles, altering spinal mechanics and compressing the sciatic nerve as it passes through these tissues.

Find relief with our physical therapy

When it comes to finding relief from back pain or sciatica, our physical therapist in Columbia has the expertise you need. Through targeted physical therapy treatments, we effectively manage symptoms, promote natural healing, and provide rapid pain relief. Our non-invasive approach prioritizes long-lasting results by alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve. Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of physical therapy for lower back pain and sciatica. Contact our dedicated physical therapist today to learn more and schedule your initial consultation.

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Miriam Hedgepath

Jim Floyd and his staff have done a wonderful job working on my ailments. I am now out of pain. 

Rachel Berry

Great experience working with Brandon with my sciatic problem. He gave me a routine to do at home and the pain has completely subsided. Definitely recommend Ascent they are a great group of people who are truly focused on your full recovery! 


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